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Brittanicca Gold Cambria Quartz

Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz has flowing, multi-hued streams of copper-gold, fog, and translucent greige course through this grand design accompanied by wisps and ribbons of warm earth tones against a temperate white background. For a timeless and welcoming Tampa kitchen upgrade, this unique quartz countertop is the perfect solution which, thanks to its many hues, can coordinate well with various cabinets.


  • Slab Size: Jumbo  65.5″ x 132″
  • Thickness: 1cm, 2cm, 3cm
  • Slab Yield: 60 Sq Ft
  • Commercial Code: 0134
  • Series: Marble
  • Collection: Luxury
  • Backlit: Yes
  • Bookmatch: Yes

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Brittanicca Gold Cambria Quartz Slab Size

Brittanicca Gold Cambria Quartz comes in one Slab Size, Jumbo.  Jumbo Size Brittanicca Gold Cambria Quartz Slabs are 132 inches by 65.5 inches. Brittanicca Gold is offered in three thicknesses: 1cm, 2cm, and 3cm.

How Much Does Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz Cost?

The average installed price for Cambria Quartz Countertop Surfaces Cost somewhere between $100 to $150 per square foot. Prices could be less or more based on how many Cambria Quartz Brittanicca Gold Slabs are needed for your project.


Why Choose Brittanicca Gold Cambria Quartz?

Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz is an incredible option for countertops because it is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, maintenance-free, and offers an exciting alternative to Brittanicca for people that love the style but are looking for a different color scheme to match their kitchen or bathroom.


What Colors Are in Brittanicca Gold Cambria Quartz?

Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz embodies a creamy white background with gorgeous gold and copper veining, which will make any space stand out.


What Color Cabinets Look Good with Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz?

Brittanicca Gold Cambria Quartz is comprised of creamy white, gold, and brown variations. These colors offer the perfect option for any brown wood cabinets or white cabinets.


Will Black Cabinets or Gray Cabinets Look Good with Cambria Brittanicca Gold Quartz?

Black or gray cabinets are not recommended for Cambria Brittanicca Gold as the colors won’t match ideally. Any variation of brown wood cabinets is the best choice in pairing with Brittanicca Gold quartz and white cabinets will usually also match.


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