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Ruxley Cambria Quartz

Ruxley Cambria quartz countertops have a subtle emerald green veining on a warm white brings out the best in a variety of décors, introducing restrained color. Cooler white veins deftly add balance. Perfect for Kitchen countertops and all other hard surfaces.


  • Slab Size: Jumbo  65.5″ x 132″
  • Thickness: 2cm, 3cm
  • Slab Yield: 60 Sq Ft
  • Commercial Code: 0112
  • Series: Signature
  • Collection: Marble
  • Backlit: N/A
  • Bookmatch: N/A

Ruxley Cambria Quartz Slab Size

Ruxley Cambria Quartz comes in one Slab Size, Jumbo.  Jumbo Size Ruxley Cambria Quartz Slabs are 132 inches by 65.5 inches. Ruxley is offered in two thicknesses: 2cm, and 3cm.


How Much Does Cambria Ruxley Quartz Cost?

The average installed price for Cambria Quartz Countertop Surfaces Cost somewhere between $100 to $150 per square foot. Prices could be less or more based on how many Cambria Quartz Ruxley Slabs are needed for your project.


What Colors Are in Cambria Ruxley Quartz?

Cambria Ruxley Quartz is a light design with a white base and dark green veining throughout the design. It embraces the look of natural marble with the great benefits of Cambria quartz countertops.


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