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Emperador Dark 5/8 x 5/8 Tumbled In 12×12 Mesh

Leather browns, cocoa, and coffee bean tones dominate our Emperador Dark marble tile that is imported from Spain. These dark hues are complemented by latte, golden beige, and seafoam white veins for a stunning example of marble’s natural tendency for variation. There’s no better way to highlight this lovely characteristic than with our kitchen backsplash in 5/8×5/8 tumbled marble tiles!

Item Description: Emperador Dark 5/8×5/8 Tumbled In 12×12 Mesh
Item ID: SMOT-EMP-5/8-T
Collection: Emperador Dark
Primary Color(s) : Brown
Material Type: Marble
Country: Spain
Size : 5/8×5/8
Available Finishes: Tumbled


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